Ring Design

There are many styles to choose from in our shop. This page provides a guide should you want to create something truly unique and all yours.

Wood Ring Core

We have a wide selection of woods, which are formed into rings using ''bentwood techniques'. Where wood is steamed and bent around itself, reinforcing the grain each time.

Bentwood rings are strong, waterproof and resilient suitable for daily wear, however it is recommended that rings should be removed:

  • before for heavy manual work so they do not get damaged.

  • when swimming or handling chemicals as this may impact the finish.

The rings should be cleaned with a soft cloth, plastic polish can also be used to repair minor scratches or rebuff the finish.

Metal Ring Core

We use a variety of alternative metals which are a fantastic choice over the more traditional Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Due to their strength, resistance and durability they make a perfect choice for everyday life with minimal upkeep that will last the test of time.

  • Steel: Strong and durable. It's a bit heavier than titanium and will not corrode or tarnish. Note: Not suitable if you are allergic to stainless steel

  • Titanium: Extremely strong and lightweight. This is the lightest of the metals we have on offer, its hypoallergic and will not corrode or tarnish

  • Tungsten Carbide: Heavy, strong and durable. These are weighty rings that provide a comfortable presence on your hand. Hypoallergic and will not corrode or tarnish

The Ring Core

At the heart of the design is the core of the ring. This is the foundation to build from, defining what you are looking for in a ring. Do you want something durable and strong for whatever life may throw at you, something more natural or precious and luxurious?

silver ring on brown wooden table
silver ring on brown wooden table
Ceramic / Carbon Fibre

Ceramic rings are actually made from titanium carbide. These are tough and highly scratch resistant. They come in a number of different colours including; Black, White, Blue, Purple

Carbon Fibre rings: Many times stronger than steel and much lighter. This modern material is hypoallergenic and creates a sleek textured appearance.



Make the ring your own through an expansive choice of inlay materials. Below are the common styles. Please see the 'Materials Information' page for details on some of the materials available


Wave, Circles, Mountains (contact us for more information)